Our Digital Mission is to empower (digital and not-yet-digital) communities to: 
(1) explore and enjoy the benefits of digital technologies in their personal lives as well as in
a wider societal context;
(2) take up a pro-active and critical approach to digital citizenship;
(3) become advocates of #DIGITAL kindness and support other vulnerable or socially/digitally-excluded groups
(4) practice digital mindfulness in their everyday life ;
(5) become aware of how their personal online DATA is being processed. 



21% of the UK population lacks at least one Basic Digital Skill, equivalent to 11.3million adults in the UK not being digitally included.
(The Good Things Foundation, 2018)



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 Why should we care about  digital literacy and digital  inclusion? 



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52.1% of young people in Scotland believe that anonymity, bullying and targeting are the greatest threats online.
(5Rights Commission, 2017)



89% of people [in the UK]  want clearer terms and conditions; more than half would like to know about the use and security of their data but can’t find this out.
(doteveryone, 2018)



The kids ( who use tech) and turned out
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