We are the Digital Beez

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Dr Alicja Pawluczuk
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Founder of the Digital Beez Collective

Alicja is a digital-educator, maker and a creative soul. In her work she emphasises the importance of meaningful participation and the use of digital technologies for social change. Alicja has an extensive experience of co-creating creative and digital literacy experiences with "hard to reach communities" in various parts of the World.  Alicja's vision for Digital Beez is to transfer scientific research on digital  literacy into a community setting and create unique and experiential learning experiences for projects participants, as well as inclusive and safe spaces for communities to study aspects of their lives and identities in the 'digital times'.


Parven Kaur
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Founder of Kids N Clicks; a web resource that shares the latest digital parenting tips and trends.

She has extensive experience in the digital / social media arena. Her work has been recognised as a ‘Digital Pioneer’ by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. More recently, following her foray into digital parenting, she was recognised by the Parenting 2.0 organisation for improving digital literacy.


Parven actively contributes to the digital parenting community through her blog and shares her experience with Common Sense Media, Family Online Safety Institute, Internet Matters
and a few other organisations. Parven believes that technology is the way forward and children can thrive in a digital world
given the right guidance.





Dr Justine Gangneux
Youth Data Literacy Researcher

Justine is currently working as a research associate in Sociology at the University of Glasgow, carrying out research projects within the fields of digital media and communications. She is interested in all things related to data activism, critical digital/data literacies; youth, surveillance and the political economy of the Internet as well as the innovative repurposing of new media in social research.


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Dorota Peszkowska
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Digital Storyteller and Content Specialist 
Social Media Guru  @Digital Beez

A busy bee through and through, I devise and distribute digital content in all its audiovisual forms across various channels, including the website of a news portal Emito.net, Digital Beez social media accounts and my personal blog. As a journalist and content manager, I like to put all my passion and energy into telling stories that matter. You can check out my Twitter account for updates on UK politics, migrant stories & storytelling tips, and follow me on Instragram where I share my experience of living constantly with a #headintheclouds.



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Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng
Illustrator and Visual Live Drawing Media Artist, Community Arts Practitioner and Educator.

Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng is a Northern-Irish born Scottish based illustrator and visual live drawing media artist with extensive experience of participatory community arts projects facilitation. 


Fantasy, surreal realities and dreamy nostalgia absorb into her intricate, riotous ink drawings. In an age of digital culture and information overload, Ursula's work harnesses the power of the hyperactive mind.






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Lisa Lanza
Digital & Motion Graphic Designer

Animal and nature lover, Lisa is passionate about the environment and everything that it concerns. Used to deliver high-quality products within tight deadlines, she mainly dealt with logo design and brand identities up until now, but is knowledgeable in marketing, media strategies, web design, graphic design, motion graphics and consultancy.



Digital Communications Practitioner with a focus on Health and Wellbeing literacy

Kira is an experienced digital inclusion practitioner, who has experience of working with of working with community groups all across Scotland.  Her specialists  topics include: peer education, online support, digital youth work, LGBTI+, mental health, drugs education, harm reduction and sexual health.

Kira currently works for LGBT Youth Scotland, the leading charity in the UK for Digital Youth work, managing online support and digital youth work. She is actively involved in the work of the Scottish Digital Youth Work Network and have contributed to the development of good practice standards in this area. 

Finally (and most importantly for us Digital Beez) Kira is an amazing youth work worker, an extremely creative soul and an award wining human being.