Children and young people, as creators and distributors of information in the digital environment, should be made aware of how to exercise their right to freedom of expression in the digital environment (Council of Europe, 2018)

During our youth workshops, we normally explore different elements of Digital Awareness/Digital Literacy. The topics may vary - from the way we interact with technologies on a daily basis to more nuanced information regarding online safety.

Although most of these cyber/digital terms might sound extremely boring, we make sure that our workshops are fun, experiential and memorable.
Most of our youth-centered workshops are managed by Alicja, who has extensive experience of working with young people in informal and formal setting and is currently completing her doctoral project examining the social impact of digital youth participation in Scotland.


Social Media & the Digital Rights of Young People // 5Rights + Digital Self-Care

In November 2018, Digital Beez were invited to run a workshop on Children's and Young People's Rights in the Digital Age. The session was organised by FANS Youth Film Festival and Document Human Rights Film Festival. You can read more about our workshop here.

Digital Beez attended a seminar on Youth Participation in Internet Governance organised by the Council of Europe.

In October 2018,  Alicja traveled to Strasbourg to take part in the seminar on Youth Participation in Internet Governance was organised by the Council of Europe.

The aim of the event was to consult youth organisations from Europe and beyond, on how to best involve youth’s voices in the new the Internet Governance Strategy 2016 – 2019, developed by the Council of Europe. Read her blog covering the event.

Digital Youth Participation in Scotland

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Digital Youth Participation in Scotland.

Children’s rights in the digital environment: let's empower, educate & safeguard young digital co-creators.

Children’s and young people's participation has always been at the centre of  Alicja's work and is now, a key element of her doctoral research study. In this blog she reflects on the importance of the Rights of the child in the digital environment by the Council of Europe.