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digital beez

critical & mindful [co]exploration of our digital selves since 2014


digital [in]equity

art & community


Since 2014, we have employed experimental art and participatory methodologies to engage and educate, fostering a comprehensive and inclusive approach to digital literacy and equity.

our wee story

Digital Beez was set up [by dr alicja pawluczuk] to connect community education with art and digital inclusion research. In the last decade, we've shaped our practice by working with communities, education and art organisations, NGOs, policymakers, and research institutions. Our participatory practice continues to be fluid and responsive to the socio-technological changes and their impact on our everyday lives. 

Many of our past projects involved working with vulnerable groups. Due to ethical considerations, we do not share loads of materials from our previous projects.

Still, we know that for us to be taken seriously, we need to do a bit of name-dropping, so below we're listing some of the organisations our Beez-in-residence have collaborated with over the years:

United Nations University Institute in Macau  
ITU (International Telecommunication Union)  
Council of Europe  
SALTO Participation and Information  
Digital Beez  
Edinburgh Napier University  
University of Leeds  
European Commission  
RAY Network  
UNESCO & EdTech Hub  
INCLUDE+ Network 
SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus  
European Youth Work Academy  
Edinburgh University  
Scottish Travellers Education Programme  
Articulate Trust  
The Citizens International Youth Summit in Sri Lanka  
Schwarzkopf Stiftung  
Youth Link Scotland

and many more

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